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What is a mammogram?
The mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast.

Why is mammography necessary?

Mammography can detect minor deformations that neither you, nor your specialist and their assistant can detect through tactile examination.

Is breast cancer widespread?

There are over 4000 women in Hungary diagnosed with breast cancer a year. With regular mammography screening three quarters of these cases can be cured for good.

How is the mammography screening performed?

Patients stand in front of the mammography machine. The technician administering the examination places each breast between an image screen and a movable plate, presses them and holds them fix for a few seconds. This might an uncomfortable feeling, but required for an easily diagnosable image. There are usually 2 images made of 1 breast. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes. The screening examination is performed by trained, specialist technicians.

When do patients get to be called back?

If the tissue structure of the breast differ from the normal, another mammography screening is necessary. So, patients being called back for an extra mammography screening (by post or telephone) are not diagnosed with possible breast cancer, but require a confirmation of the reason for the discrepancies.

How often do women need mammography screenings?

Cancer can appear any time, so one screening is not sufficient. According to medical and academic data, if you are over 40, mammography is required yearly, whereas over 50, it is required biannually for continuous safety. Important! If you find a nod or any other kind of deformation in the breasts, consult your physician immediately.

Doesn’t the X-ray exposure pose a risk to the patients?

NO, because the exposure is insignificant, smaller than the quantity we are naturally exposed to from the atmosphere or surrounding environment. Even repeated mammography screening is unlikely to cause any exposure risk. This minimal risk however, is insignificant compared to the risk of missed diagnosis of early stage cancer. This is what might happen if you are afraid of mammography and miss screenings.

Dr. Péntek Zoltán

MD. Zoltán Péntek
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